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Khadi Shuddha Gift Set (210ml X 4)


Khadi Shuddha Gift Set (50ml X 4)



Green Tea & Aloe Face & Body Wash 50ml:
A soothing and refreshing green tea and aloe face and body wash that cleanses and revitalizes your skin. This gentle formula combines the antioxidant benefits of green tea with the hydrating and soothing properties of aloe vera, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and rejuvenated. Ideal for daily use to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Jasmine & Argan Oil Moisturizer 50ml:
A luxurious jasmine and argan oil moisturizer that deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin. This rich formula combines the exotic scent of jasmine with the moisturizing and antioxidant-rich benefits of argan oil, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and beautifully scented. Perfect for restoring moisture and radiance to your skin.

Hibiscus & Aloe Shampoo & Conditioner 50ml:
A revitalizing hibiscus and aloe shampoo and conditioner duo that cleanses and conditions your hair with natural ingredients. Hibiscus promotes healthy hair growth and adds shine, while aloe vera soothes and moisturizes your scalp. This dynamic duo leaves your hair feeling refreshed, manageable, and smelling delightful. Perfect for daily hair care that promotes strength and vitality.

Argan & Macadamia Hair & Body Oil 50ml:
A versatile Argan and Macadamia hair and body oil that nourishes and hydrates from head to toe. This luxurious oil blend combines the benefits of Argan and Macadamia oils, providing intense moisture for both hair and skin. It leaves your hair silky and your skin soft and radiant. A multi-purpose essential for a healthy, glowing look.


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